Exploring Stress Management Options (by: James Pendergraft)

Managing your stress effectively make take on many different forms. While there are women who choose expensive and more complicated ways to help deal with stress, there are others who employ simpler and less costly means that are no less effective. It just takes commitment and willingness to be able to get rid of stress in the best possible ways available.

Here are some of the practical options on how women can achieve stress management.

Feeling Better at the Exact Moment You Want To

There are times when you may recognize that you are already under a lot of stress. When you need to decrease your stress level at the soonest time possible, there are a number of techniques that you can take on. Known to act considerably fast, these methods can be used so that you would feel better in a less amount of time. Doing these techniques regularly will also bring about better long term benefits.

These techniques include:

* Meditation
* Listening to music
* Breathing exercises
* Yoga
* Reframing your mind with some sense of humor
* Exercise
* Keeping a journal
* Finding perspective in your life
* Doing visualizations

Sustaining the Proper Attitude in Your Daily Life

The stress that you are experiencing could be linked directly to the attitude that you take on daily. Your perception of the daily happenings in your life also brings on added pressure. So here are some good attitude reminders that could help you relieve stress.

* Be optimistic
* Be happy
* Stop feeling like you always need to be in control
* Stop being a perfectionist
* Always maintain positive affirmations in life
* Cultivate a sense of humor
* Let go of your anger
* Have fun
* Let go of thoughts that can cause you stress

Taking Proper Care of Yourself

In moments when we are stressed, women tend to forget to take proper care of their own bodies. This could result in added stress. However, there are ways that can reduce stress levels such as the following:

* Getting proper rest and adequate hours of sleep
* Eating well-balanced and nutritious meals
* Getting plenty of exercise regularly
* Maintaining a healthy sex life
* Indulging in a number of hobbies

Creating the Proper Atmosphere for Daily Living

The emotional and physical environment that you are in could also affect your stress level. Although the effects that your surroundings bring may be subtle, they can become significant in the long run. Here are some ways to alter your atmosphere so that it can bring about stress relief:

* Get rid of the clutter, as too much can affect your sense of calm
* Create a soothing environment by choosing light shades for the colors of your home
* Add some music as this could really soothe the soul and bring more relaxation
* Make your own spa at home
* Use some aromatherapy through the use of scented oils and candles


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